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TitleQuartz phenocrysts from multiply deformed rhyolite, Burned Mountain Fm, Tusas Mountains, New Mexico
DescriptionThe quartz phenocrysts preserve their original crystal faces even though the rock has been ductiley deformed several times at greater then 400C and 3 kbar. The quartz phenocrysts are preserved probably because they are coarser, dryer, and single crystals compared to the fine-grained volcanic matrix (from Williams and Burr, 1994, Journal of Structural Geology).
LithostratigraphyBurned Mountain Formation
LocationUSA ▹ New Mexico. Tusas Mountains.
PhotographerMichael Williams. 1995.
CollectionKeck Structural Geology Slide Set #MW5.
Key wordsphenocrysts, deformation, New Mexico
Tech details502 KB. Thin section.
GeoDIL number3074