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TitleNormal fault, North Muddy Mountains, Nevada
DescriptionNormal fault, North Muddy Mountains, Nevada. This image is a classic for showing how relative age dating of structural events is done. This image shows highly folded (probably by slumping) beds of the claystone and magnesite-rich Miocene Rainbow Gardens Member of the Horse Spring Formation, beveled flat and overlain across an angular unconformity by the Miocene conglomerate and sandstone. The entire package is then cut by a spectacular normal fault that clearly offsets the unconformity.
LithostratigraphyRainbow Gardens Member of Horse Spring Formation
LocationUSA ▹ Nevada. North Muddy Mountains.
PhotographerRobert Varga. 1995.
CollectionKeck Structural Geology Slide Set #RV2.
Key wordsfault, Nevada, unconformity, normal fault
Tech details396 KB. Outcrop.
GeoDIL number3066