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TitleOceanic detachment fault, Trodos Ophiolite, Cyprus
DescriptionOceanic detachment fault, Trodos Ophiolite, Cyprus. Image shows the first recognized extensional detachment fault found within an ophiolite. The detachment separates sheeted dikes (lower part of oceanic layer 2) from the underlying grabbro of the plutonic complex (oceanic layer 3). Dikes above the detachment are presently near-horizontal and were tilted by normal faulting to this position from originally vertical attitudes. We have shown this with paleomagnetic data.
LithostratigraphyTrodos ophiolite
PhotographerRobert Varga. 1995.
CollectionKeck Structural Geology Slide Set #RV1.
Key wordsfault, ophiolite, Cyprus, detachment fault
Tech details593 KB. Outcrop.
GeoDIL number3065