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TitleBedding-cleavage relationships in Otago Schist
DescriptionBedding-cleavage relationships in Otago Schist, Lake Hawea, South Island, New Zealand. Grey/slatey color variation corresponds with steeply inclined and folded bedding. Axial planar, spaced cleavage forms prominent partings at a high angle to bedding. Pressure solution along cleavage surfaces has disrupted the continuity of bedding contacts. Minute quartz veins are evident in the outcrop and may represent sites of reprecipitation of quartz. Coin for scale.
LithostratigraphyOtago Schist
LocationNew Zealand ▹ South Island. Lake Hawea.
PhotographerChristine Smith. 1995.
CollectionKeck Structural Geology Slide Set #CS1.
Key wordscleavage, bedding, New Zealand
Tech details389 KB. Outcrop.
GeoDIL number3040