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TitleDeformation experiment using octachloropropane (1 of 5 photos)
DescriptionThese are crossed-polar thin sections of a field of grains (a “polycrystal”) of octachloropropane (C3C18). Octachloropropane is a quartz-like organic crystalline compound that melts at 160 degrees C, so even at room temperature it feels hot. The pictures were taken during a deformation experiment at room temperature. They perhaps illustrate possible behavior of quartz during slow deformation in the amphibolite facies. Field of view is about 800 microns wide.
PhotographerWinthrop Means. 1995.
CollectionKeck Structural Geology Slide Set #WM1.
Key wordsdeformation, quartz, experiment
Tech details265 KB. Thin section.
GeoDIL number3026