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TitleThin section detail of pressure fringes
DescriptionDetail of the pressure fringes on the pyrite framboid. The early portions of these antiaxially grown fibers show relative clockwise rotation, ending parallel with S1; this is the common relationship observed between fibers and the slaty cleavage in thrust sheets. These fibers are in part continuous with the vertical fibers (parallel with S2), which attach to the framboid, indicating a continuous strain history from S1 to S2. The latest, short horizontal fibers are parallel to S3 and in other pressure fringes, some of these can be seen to be continuous with the vertical fibers, indicating continuity also between the S2- and S3-forming events.
LocationUSA ▹ Pennsylvania. Near Leesport.
PhotographerEdward Beutner. 1995.
CollectionKeck Structural Geology Slide Set #EB4.
Key wordsHamburg, Pennsylvania
Tech details438 KB. Thin section.
GeoDIL number2983