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TitleThin section of Hamburg sequence near Leesport, Pa
DescriptionPhotomicrograph from the allochthonous Hamburg (=Taconic) sequence near Leesport, PA. Slaty cleavage [S1](slightly steeper) and bedding [S0] are both inclined from upper left to lower right. A single intense stylotitic crenulation cleavage lamella [S2] is almost vertical. This is offset in a top-right sense by a later crenulation cleavage [S3]. A spherical pyrite framboid (about 40 m) with well developed pressure fringes is in line with the S3 lamella.
LocationUSA ▹ Pennsylvania. Near Leesport.
PhotographerEdward Beutner. 1995.
CollectionKeck Structural Geology Slide Set #EB3.
Key wordsPennsylvania
Tech details559 KB. Thin section.
GeoDIL number2982