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TitleGlacial Erratics in the Little Pembina River, North Dakota
DescriptionBridge over the Little South Pembina River. Notice the river cut to the west and glacial erratics in river. Glacial erratics, boulders carried to this area by glaciers from Canada, are seen on the upland, glaciated areas of Cavalier County and in the rivers. The composition of the erratics provides information about where they came from and the direction the glaciers moved.
LocationUSA ▹ North Dakota ▹ Cavalier. Near Olga. Olga Quadrangle.
PhotographerJoseph Hartman. 2002-05-07.
CollectionJoseph Hartman C9439.
Key words02e, Little Pembina River, glacial erratics
Tech details567 KB. Outcrop. Kodachrome, TIFF.
GeoDIL number2864