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TitleSummit, Puy de Dome, with Clermont-Ferrand, France, in background
DescriptionThe Massif Centrale in the center of France (Auvergne region), contains a range of ancient volcanoes made up of the Monts Dome (1465 meters at the Puy de Dome) and the Monts Dore (1886 meters at the Puy de Sancy). Eruptions included both Peleean (involving the formation and collapse of lava domes) and Strombolian (lava fountains and ejection of cinders, lapilli, blocks and bombs). The last eruptions were about 4,000 years ago, and the region includes a variety of volcanic land forms today. Locally, the steep sided volcanoes are called puy (“pwee”). The Puy de Dome (1,463 m/4,800 ft) is the highest of a chain of recent volcanic peaks (the Monts Dome) overlooking Clermont-Ferrand from the west. It formed in stages 10,000 years ago as lava domes that collapsed sent glowing avalanches (nuee ardente) down the sides.
Geologic provinceMassif Central
LocationFrance ▹ Auvergne. Near Clermont-Ferrand.
PhotographerDexter Perkins. 1990.
Key wordspuy, volcano, France, Auvergne
Tech details505 KB. Vista. Canon FTQL.
GeoDIL number281