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TitleSanbornite and traskite from Big Creek, California
DescriptionThis sample, from the Big Creek - Rush Creek sanbornite deposit in California, is about 6 cm long. Sanbornite is the dominant white mineral. The small dark brown-red grains are traskite. Sanbornite has composition BaSi2O5, traskite has composition Ba9Fe2Ti2(SiO3)12(OH,Cl,F)6-6H2O.
LocationUSA ▹ California ▹ Fresno. Near Trimmer. Big Creek-Rush Creek sanbornite mine.
PhotographerNessa Eull. 2001-03-28.
CollectionUniversity of North Dakota Mineralogy Collection #1218.
Key wordstraskite, California, sanbornite
Tech details660 KB. Hand specimen. Fujifilm FinePix S1Pro digital camera; 60mm AF Nikon micro lens.
GeoDIL number272