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TitleGoosenecks State Park and the San Juan River near Mexican Hat
DescriptionAt the “Goosenecks” in southeastern Utah, the San Juan River has eroded 1000 feet down through Permian and Pennsylvanina strata. The boundary between the two is about 150 feet below the canyon rim but is indistinguishable without close inspection. Most of the rocks shown in this photo belong to the Hermosa Group (Pennsylvanian) which includes the Honaker Trail Formation and Paradox Formation.
LithostratigraphyHermosa Group
LocationUSA ▹ Utah ▹ San Juan. Near Mexican Hat. Goosenecks State Park.
PhotographerDexter Perkins. 1999.
Key wordsGoosenecks, Utah, Hermosa Group, Honake Trail Formation, Paradox Formation
Tech details398 KB. Vista. Canon EOS Rebel, 55mm, Kodak Elite Chrome 100 ASA.
GeoDIL number1772