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TitleGypsum in salt wash on U.S. 163, near Mexican Hat, Utah
DescriptionThe white material in this photo is gypsum (hydrated calcium sulfate) that has precipitated as water in the salt wash evaporated. Gypsum is highly soluble and is a commonly precipitated salt. Most of the rocks exposed nearby are members of the Permian Cutler Group. Cutler Group rocks contain gypsum and generally have a red color, thus explaining why waters in this area are saturated with gypsum, and also the overall red color of the sandy sediments in this wash.
LocationUSA ▹ Utah ▹ San Juan. Near Mexican Hat. On U.S. Highway 163.
PhotographerDexter Perkins. 1999.
Key wordsUtah, gypsum, Cutler Group
Tech details533 KB. Vista. Canon EOS Rebel, 55mm, Kodak Elite Chrome 100 ASA.
GeoDIL number1768