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TitleDikes in the wall of the canyon at Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park, Colorado
DescriptionHere we see pink pegmatite dikes cutting the Black Canyon Gneiss (Precambrian). This is a photo of the Black Canyon wall, taken from an overlook on South Rim Drive, several hundred yards away on the other side of the canyon. The thickest dikes are 10's of meter thick.
LithostratigraphyBlack Canyon Gneiss
LocationUSA ▹ Colorado ▹ Gunnison. Near Gunnison. South Rim Drive, Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park.
PhotographerDexter Perkins. 1999.
Key wordsBlack Canyon of the Gunnison, gneiss, dike, pegmatite, Colorado
Tech details519 KB. Vista. Canon EOS Rebel, 55mm, Kodak Elite Chrome 100 ASA.
GeoDIL number1732