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TitleGrottes de Jonas, Département Auvergne, France
DescriptionThis photo shows ancient cliff dwellings carved in volcanic rock in France's Parc des Volcans. The park is in the Auvergne Département of central France in an uplifted region called the Massif Centrale. Many volcanic features can be seen there. Ancient lavas are well exposed in valleys and on mountain sides. Younger volcanic activity produce a chain of cones called the Chaîne des Dômes. The Massif Centrale and Auvergne volcanoes were formed in several stages. 600 million years ago, granite mountains rose above sea level. 30 million years ago, when the Alps and Pyrenees were created, the Massif Central fractured. Magma flowed up the fractures, reaching the surface and creating extensive lava flows. Finally, 3 milliion years ago, younger volcanic activity produced the Chaîne des Dômes.
Geologic provinceMassif Centrale
LocationFrance ▹ Auvergne. Near Clermont-Ferrand.
PhotographerDexter Perkins. 1990.
Tech details533 KB. Vista. Canon A1, Agfachrome 100.
GeoDIL number163