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TitleOverlook of upper part of Grand Canyon section, Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona
DescriptionView from South Rim of cliff-forming Coconino Sandstone, Grand Canyon National Park. White sandstones of Coconino seen on North Rim in distance. Under- and overlying the Coconino are the slope-forming Hermit Shale and part of Toroweap Limestone. The Toroweap is overlain by the cliff-forming Kaibab Limestone, which supports the Kaibab Plateau.
ChronostratigraphyLower to Middle Permian
LithostratigraphyHermit Shale, Coconino Sandstone, Toroweap Limestone, Kaibab Limestone
Geologic provinceColorado Plateau
LocationUSA ▹ Arizona ▹ Coconino. Near Grand Canyon. Grand Canyon National Park.
PhotographerJoseph Hartman. 1984.
CollectionJoseph Hartman P04496.
Key wordsGrand Canyon National Park
Tech details700 KB. Vista. Kodachrome, TIFF format.
GeoDIL number1352