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TitleEroded Mancos Shale near Caineville, Utah, USA
DescriptionThis photo was taken from Highway 24 between Capitol Reef National Park and Caineville, Utah. The fluted slopes are formed from eroded Mancos Shale (Cretaceous). The cliffs above are formed from the Mesa Verde Group (Cretaceous). The Mancos Shale is a marine shale, the Mesa Verde Group is primarily sandstones and siltstones deposited by the Cretaceous sea as it retreated eastward.
ChronostratigraphyUpper Cretaceous
LithostratigraphyMancos Shale
LocationUSA ▹ Utah. Near Caineville. View from Highway 24.
PhotographerDexter Perkins. 1999.
Key wordsMancos Shale, Mesa Verde Group, shale, sandstone, siltstone, erosion
Tech details409 KB. Vista. Canon Eos Rebel, 55mm lens, Kodak Ektachrome Elite.
GeoDIL number108