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TitleMagnetite with garnet (andradite) from Willsboro, New York
DescriptionWillsoboro, New York, is a well known mining area. Carbonate (marble) hosted ore deposits there contain many spectacular minerals. This specimen, 9 cm across, contains mostly silver-gray magnetite (Fe3O4) and reddish brown garnet. The garnet is anradite, Ca3Fe2Si3O12.
Geologic provinceGrenville
LocationUSA ▹ New York. Near Willsboro.
PhotographerDarla Sondrol. 2001-06-27.
CollectionUniversity of North Dakota Mineralogy Collection #1179.
Key wordsmagnetite, andradite, Willsboro
Tech details742 KB. Hand specimen. Fujifilm FinePix S1Pro digital camera; 60mm AF Nikon micro lens.
GeoDIL number928