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TitleBismuth in bismuth oxide, Tintic Mine, Utah
DescriptionBismuth is an ore of the element bismuth (Bi). Much of the poor quality bismuth specimens are artificially regrown to produce interestingly shaped hopper-like bismuth specimens. Bismuth has a very interesting property: similar to water, instead of contracting when it solidifies (like most other matter), it expands. This, and the fact that it is very diamagnetic, give it many uses in the electronic field. The samples shown are quite small; the largest is 2 mm across.
LocationUSA ▹ Utah. Tintic Mine.
PhotographerDarla Sondrol. 2001-06-26.
CollectionUniversity of North Dakota Mineralogy Collection #24.
Key wordsbismuth, bismuth oxide, Utah
Tech details159 KB. Hand specimen. Fujifilm FinePix S1Pro digital camera; 60mm AF Nikon micro lens.
GeoDIL number893