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TitleMuscovite books showing pseudohexagonal symmetry and good basal cleavage
DescriptionThese samples of the muscovite, a mica, were collected from a pegmatie mine near Custer. Micas form books and show good basal cleavage because of their layered atomic arrangement. These samples are large, almost 15 cm in longest dimension, and show some hints of their pseudohexagonal symmetry.
LocationUSA ▹ South Dakota. Near Custer.
PhotographerDexter Perkins. 2000-11-29.
CollectionUniversity of North Dakota Mineralogy Collection.
Key wordsmuscovite, cleavage, pseudohexagonal, mica, South Dakota
Tech details123 KB. Hand specimen. Provia E6 film, Canon A1 with macro lens, 1350dpi.
GeoDIL number7