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TitleMarble, Adirondack Mountains, New York
DescriptionThis 10 cm wide marble sample is from the Adirondack lowlands in upstate New York. It is nearly 100% calcite, but close examination reveals a few brown flakes of phlogopite and some silvery specks of graphite. Some marbles contain conspicuous metamorphic minerals. This one does not because it formed from metamorphism of a limestone that contained little but calcite, so the chemical components needed to form new metamorphic minerals were not present.
Geologic provinceGrenville
LocationUSA ▹ New York ▹ St. Lawrence County. Adirondack Mountains.
PhotographerNessa Eull. 2001-05-22.
CollectionWard’s University Rock Collection #173.
Key wordsmarble, New York
Tech details590 KB. Hand specimen. Fujifilm FinePix S1Pro digital camera; 60mm AF Nikon micro lens.
GeoDIL number506