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TitleWelded Tuff, Inyo County
DescriptionTuff is a general term for a compacted deposit of volcanic ash and dust, occasionally containing larger fragments. Tuffs are often associated with pumice or obsidian. Although many tuffs are not very dense or hard, welded tuffs are. They become compacted and cemented by heat and gravity during cooling. The area around Bishop and Mammoth Lakes California, where this sample comes from, is a recent and well-known volcanic center associated with a large caldera. This sample is 8.5 cm in longest dimension.
Geologic provinceInyo Volcanic Field
LocationUSA ▹ California ▹ Inyo County. Near Bishop.
PhotographerNessa Eull. 2001-05-16.
CollectionWard’s University Rock Collection #132.
Key wordstuff, welded tuff, California
Tech details707 KB. Hand specimen. Fujifilm FinePix S1Pro digital.
GeoDIL number461