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TitleClose up of a tholeiitic basalt from the Deccan Traps, India
DescriptionThe Deccan Traps (west-central India) are one of the largest volcanic provinces in the world. The basalt deposts are more than 2,000 m (6,500 ft) thick, and cover nearly 200,000 500,000 km2 (200,000 miles2). This is about the size of the states of Washington and Oregon combined. The volume of basalt is estimated to be 500,000 times greater than all the ash and other material produced by Mt. St. Helens. The Deccan Traps are flood basalts similar to the Columbia River basalts of the northwestern United States. The field of view of this photo is about 4 cm across, but it shows little detail because the rock is very fine grained.
LocationIndia. Deccan Traps.
PhotographerNessa Eull. 2001-05-16.
CollectionWard’s University Rock Collection #130.
Key wordsbasalt, Deccan Traps, India
Tech details1.25 MB. Hand specimen. Fujifilm FinePix S1Pro digital camera, 60mm Nikon AF micro lens.
GeoDIL number459