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TitleDioptase, CuSiO2(OH)2
DescriptionDioptase is a relatively rare mineral, but is well known because many specimens are exceptionally beautiful. It is one of the few minerals that can be as vivid green as emerald. In some literature dioptase is refered to as “emerald copper.” Dioptase has composition CuSiO2(OH)2 and forms in alteration zones of copper deposits. This sample comes from a famous locality at Altyn-Tube, in the Kirghese Steppes, Kazakhstan.
LocationKazakhstan. Near Altyn-Tube.
PhotographerNeil Kadrmas. 2001-05-01.
CollectionDexter Perkins Mineralogy Collection.
Key wordsdioptase, Kazakhstan, Altyn-Tube
Tech details488 KB. Hand specimen. Fujifilm FinePix S1Pro digital camera, 60mm Nikon AF micro lens.
GeoDIL number442