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TitleGraphite schist, near Ticonderoga, Essex County, New York
DescriptionThe Dixon Schist contains quartz and feldspar, and gets its schistosity from large flakes of shiny graphite mixed with muscovite. Local white calcite is present, but is probably of secondary origin. This is 9.5 cm across.
ChronostratigraphyPrecambrian (Grenville)
LithostratigraphyDixon Schist
LocationUSA ▹ New York ▹ Essex. Near Ticonderoga.
PhotographerMike Davis. 2001-04-10.
CollectionWard’s Collection of Classic North American Rocks #83.
Key wordsgraphite schist, graphite, Schist, New York, Dixon Schist
Tech details725 KB. Hand specimen. Fujifilm FinePix S1Pro digital camera; 60mm AF Nikon micro lens.
GeoDIL number334