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TitlePressure shadow mineralization on margins of pyrite framboid
DescriptionThis photomicrograph shows pressure shadow mineralization on margins of pyrite framboid. An exceptionally large and complex quartz and calcite pressure shadow on a pyrite framboid from the Hatch Hill Formation of the Taconic slate belt illustrates the use of these objects in determining incremental strain history. Periods of both coaxial and non-coaxial fiber growth can be observed. The field of view is 1 cm across (!!!), veiwed in cross-polarized light.
LithostratigraphyHatch Hill Formation
PhotographerArthur Goldstein. 1995.
CollectionKeck Structural Geology Slide Set #AG5.
Key wordsmineralization, pyrite, strain,
Tech details372 KB. Thin section.
GeoDIL number3005