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TitleOdanah Member of the Pierre Formation, North Dakota
DescriptionThe Odanah Member is exposed in a shale pit on the north side of the road. The unit was deposited in a shallow-water marine environment during the Cretaceous about 71 to 74 million years ago (interpreted from Hardenbol et al., 1998). The Odanah Member is a hard, siliceous, light-gray shale and forms conspicuous cliffs. It is locally quarried for road-surfacing material. Fossils are scarce in the Odanah, although oyster and inoceramid fossils have been recovered.
LocationUSA ▹ North Dakota ▹ Cavalier. Near Vang. Olga NW Quadrangle.
PhotographerJoseph Hartman. 2002-05-07.
CollectionJoseph Hartman C9418.
Key words02e, Odanah, shale, pierre
Tech details642 KB. Kodachrome, TIFF.
GeoDIL number2857