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TitleA veined outcrop of the Niobrara Formation, North Dakota
DescriptionThe buff-colored shale is part of the Niobrara Formation which consists of light-gray to yellowish-tan, blocky, calcareous clay. The veins seen here are thought to be gypsum. The Niobrara Formation documents a major marine transgression or onlap of the sea, resulting from a high eustatic sea level and crustal subsidence.
LocationUSA ▹ North Dakota ▹ Cavalier. Near Vang. Vang Quadrangle.
PhotographerJoseph Hartman. 2002-05-07.
CollectionJoseph Hartman C9416.
Key words02e, niobrara, vein
Tech details860 KB. Kodachrome, TIFF.
GeoDIL number2855