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TitleLac Chambon, near Clermont-Ferrand, France
DescriptionLac Chambon is a lake - about 30,000 years old - between scoria cones related to the Puy de Tartaret, a volcanic peak. The water is held back by a natural dam (a landslide that removed the top of an old volcano called Dent du Marais). The mountains in the background in this photo are the Monts Dore chain, including the Puy de Sancy, the highest point in central France.
Geologic provinceMassif Central
LocationFrance ▹ Auvergne. Near Clermont-Ferrand.
PhotographerDexter Perkins. 2002-04-23.
Key wordsLac Chambon, scoria, lake, France
Tech details457 KB. Vista. Canon FTQL.
GeoDIL number2748