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TitleThin section of hornblende andesite
DescriptionThis is a cross polarized thin section of hornblende andesite. Abundant oscillatory-zoned plagioclase with glomeroporphritic amphibole set in a fine-grained, plagioclase-rich groundmass. Amphiboles show dark reaction rims. Minor amounts of unaltered augite are present. Magnetite is an accessory.
Geologic provinceExcelsior
LocationUSA ▹ Nevada ▹ Mineral
PhotographerDarla Sondrol. 2002-04-09.
CollectionWard’s Collection of Classic North American Rocks #27.
Key wordshornblende andesite, hornblende, andesite, California, thin section
Tech details2.32 MB. Thin section. Nikon FDX-35.
GeoDIL number2634