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TitleMigmatites from the Mt Odin area, Shuswap Complex, Britsh Columbia, Canada
DescriptionThese migmatites were generated by partial melting of metasedimentary rocks. The light-colored parts of the rock are crystallized melt. The dark-colored parts are the source of the melt (the rock is now comprised of the minerals that did not melt and were left behind when the granitic melt moved into separate layers).
ChronostratigraphyProterozoic (original metamorphism) ... Eocene (possible later metamorphism and melting)
LithostratigraphyOmineca belt
Geologic provinceShuswap metamorphic core complex
LocationCanada ▹ British Columbia. Near Calgary. Mt. Odin.
PhotographerOlivier Vanderhaeghe. 1995.
Key wordsmigmatite, metamorphic rock, mountain, melting
Tech details117 KB. Outcrop.
GeoDIL number2214