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TitleMississippian-age corals from the St. Louis Limestone, near Blue Spring, Trigg County, Kentucky
DescriptionLocality of Mississpian-age (Meramecian) corals from the lower part of the St. Louis Limestone, Canton 7.5-minute Quadrangle, Lake Barkley State Resort Park, Trigg County, Kentucky. View parallel to corralites.
LithostratigraphySt. Louis Limestone
LocationUSA ▹ Kentucky ▹ Trigg. Near Canton. Near Blue Springs.
PhotographerJoseph Hartman. 2001.
CollectionJoseph Hartman C8769.
Key wordsfossils, Misissippian, St. Louis Limestone
Tech details354 KB. Ektachrome.
GeoDIL number2161