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TitlePrecambrian (Proterozoic) outcrop of the Kisseynew Gneiss, on Mirond Lake, northern Saskatchewan, Canada
DescriptionThe Kisseynew Terrane is an area of Precambrian (early Proterozoic) gneisses that crop out in a rectangular area that overlaps the Manitoba-Saskatchewan border, Canada. Metamorphic grade is upper amphibolite to granulite over most of the terrane, and metasedimentary rocks are conspicuous because of their highly aluminous mineralogies. Planes and boats provide access to this region for fieldwork; there are no roads. This photo show a geologist enjoying the sun on the shore of Mirond Lake, in northern Saskatchewan northwest of Flin Flon, Manitoba.
LocationCanada ▹ Saskatchewan. Near Flin Flon. Mirond Lake.
PhotographerDexter Perkins. 1990.
Key wordsgneiss, Proterozoic
Tech details277 KB. Vista.
GeoDIL number1861