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TitleSlump of Paleocene strata on west (north) bluff along Little Missouri River, Slope County, North Dakota
DescriptionView of slump feature including Paleocene channel sandstone complex (Ludlow-Tongue River Formations)and associated outcrop at bend along Little Missouri River, X-X Ranch, Slope County, North Dakota. All of grassed surface in lower left has dropped down relative to top of cliff. Person stands on top of slump adjacent to portion of in place channel sandstones.
LithostratigraphyLudlow Formation, Tongue River Formation (Fort Union Group)
Geologic provinceWilliston Basin
LocationUSA ▹ North Dakota ▹ Slope. Near Golva, Beach. X-X Ranch.
PhotographerJoseph Hartman. 1975.
CollectionJoseph Hartman P00445.
Key wordsslump, mass wasting, Paleocene
Tech details378 KB. Outcrop. Kodachrome, TIFF format.
GeoDIL number1817