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TitleView of mesa and spire on Highway 666, 10 miles North of Shiprock
DescriptionMesa Verde is a landform that extends south from Colorado into the San Juan Valley and northwestern New Mexico. At the mesa's edge, erosion has produced pinnacles, buttes and small isolated mesas. The slopes of these formations are Mancos Shale (Cretaceous) capped with sandstones of the Mesa Verde Group (also Cretaceous).
LithostratigraphyMancos Shale, Mesa Verde Group
LocationUSA ▹ New Mexico ▹ San Juan. Near Shiprock. Near the Colorado border.
PhotographerDexter Perkins. 1999.
Key wordsMancos Shale, New Mexico, Mesa Verde Group, butte, mesa, pinnacle
Tech details217 KB. Vista. Canon EOS Rebel, 55mm, Kodak Elite Chrome 100 ASA.
GeoDIL number1750